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Security Group

Alarm Packages: Now Security Group offers alarm packages that fit your personal needs and your budget. Easily customize your level of protection with Security Group's popular home package. As easy to use as a telephone, the keypad features lighted number keys and audible signals that can alert you and our Central Station of existing emergency conditions. Let Security Group protect your business or home against robbery, hold-up, duress and unauthorized entry, as well as critical conditions. Our packages provide you with an increased level of protection with a state of art intrusion system that readily adapts to your requests.

Monitoring: An alarm system has added value when connected to a central station for monitoring purposes. When an alarm or emergency condition occurs, the alarm unit will connect to our Central Station and our patrol units are immediately dispatched to your premises. Our monitoring services include: monitored burglary, manual panic emergency, manual fire alarm and trouble conditions. Safeguard your home or business by letting Security Group provide you with the necessary security information and its one-of-a-kind security packages. With over 30 years of experience, Security Group's name speaks for itself.

GPS Tracking: Track and Protect with our miTrek tracking system. Our tracking platform offers all the tools necessary for managing a fleet or protect loved ones.
miSEP (in Papiamento short for “mi Sistema di Emergensia Personal”) is a personal protection system that provides professional assistance at the touch of a button anywhere on the island.
Our unique
miSEP GPS Panic System provides island-wide coverage. Now you don’t have to be at home to press a panic button. You can be anywhere and talk to our monitoring station in case of an emergency.

Call us at 461-3947 today and ask about our wireless package

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Who We Are
Security Group is the first security company to offer guard services and also the first to implement central alarm monitoring services on the island of Curacao. Security Group has been providing both homes and businesses peace of mind since 1975.
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