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Alarm Connectivity
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Phone Line sunset?

With the rise of internet voice protocols and the invasion of digital phone lines, it seems that analogue phone lines will be a thing of the past in the near future. However, alarm systems don’t play well with digital phone lines and signals are easily lost due to jitter and noise in such lines.
Avoid this problem and switching to our GPRS/GSM communication device. This device offers full redundancy through GPRS,SMS, GSM voice. Your signal will reach our central station with 2-3 seconds!

What if….

… Your phone line is cut?

Telephone lines are widely used to link alarm systems to their Central Monitoring Station and criminals know it. Burglars now routinely cut the telephone lines to homes, businesses and even whole neighborhoods before breaking in. The telephone system itself is susceptible to problems caused by weather, accidents, equipment failures, and natural disasters. Our GPRS/GSM technology is your digital link to Security Group's Central Monitoring Station.

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Moving from analogue (PSTN) lines to GPRS offers an increase in reliabilty and speed of the transferred message

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Communication features

Support for three alternative communication modes
-DTMF via GSM voice channel
Module transfers all messages from control panels in Contact ID codes
Can operate with all other control panels on the market
Messages are transmitted through GPRS to the main or backup IP addresses. If GRPS connection is lost, messages are sent with SMS messages
Constant control of connection with CMS
Remote control of output OUT1 status
Information about events to users with SMS messages
Metal casing for additional mainboard protection

Who We Are
Security Group is the first security company to offer guard services and also the first to implement central alarm monitoring services on the island of Curacao. Security Group has been providing both homes and businesses peace of mind since 1975.
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